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Do college coaches know who you are? Do you know what it takes to get recruited to play college sports?

Our members do! GetMyNameOut empowers high school athletes and their parents by providing information and resources designed to put them in control of the college recruiting process. We provide athletes with a plan for success based on three fundamentals: Academics, Training, and Promotion.

In order to play college sports you must position yourself to be recruited. Let GetMyNameOut show you how to leverage all the hard work, time and resources you've spent on preparation into a plan of action. Join Today!

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The Locker Room. Your place to get advice and guidance from our team of experts to bring your game to the next level. Nutrition, SAQ, Weight Training, Mental Training - Sport specific, area specific, and position specific.

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A New Approach to Rotator Cuff Training
Author: GMNO Staff
Group: Strength and Conditioning
By David Lasnier I'm going to start this one with a quick question: What is the primary function of the rotator cuff? If you answered external rotation (or internal rotation), you are wrong. E ...
Increasing Pitching Velocity: What Stride Length Means and How to Improve It - Part 1
Author: Baseball Staff
Group: Strength and Conditioning for Baseball
By Eric Cressey Ask almost any pitcher, and he'd tell you that he'd love to increase his stride length on the mound in hopes of increasing pitching velocity. And, this is certainly an associati ...

You've spent countless hours at the field. You've spent thousands of dollars on equipment, fees and travel.

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